Let’s Go

Right lets start from the beginning with a basic Website? "Your actually looking at one right now!.

What is a basic Website?

A quick version on what a basic Website is:- Its not an online shopping site with pages, upon pages, where you are going to be using a checkout system!.
We can set you up an online shopping site taking card payment for you still! anytime, You can add this on later to your basic site anyway and turn your site into a full online shop if you wish!. Space isn't a problem and you can have as many pages as you need for this. This is an optional extra.
So for your basic Website? this is what to expect!!!
1 to 6 pages with pictures layout / designed from £279.99 + Hosting for the full year £54.50 + Your Domain Name roughly £15.99 "That’s it!, That's all you pay!", With possible extra pages at no extra cost. Lots of extras available but you don't really need them for a start up "Just keep it simple!" You can always add more options anytime after.
A website doesn’t cost the earth to run!, Be found in search engines like Google and many more, With the opportunities for you to be able to promote your site through free adds like i.e. Yell.com and more.

What we can do!!!, What we’re about!!!

Maybe we can help you get your business started online or even just a personal Website going.
All we are hoping to achieve is to just start you off and for you to be able to change and grow with the times!. Things always look different over time!, "Out of date and out of touch!" We know that over time you will want to keep your pages up to date and fresh and make changes to better your Website. We are only to happy to help you.

The basics is a great start?

Need help with a basic Website 1 to 6 pages or more [free updates/maintenance for the first year] All you pay is a one-off fee for start up Design and then the cost off your Domain and Hosting. Packages start from £279.99 and never pay another penny for the life of your basic website if left alone *Terms apply, Just your Domain Name and Hosting each year. "ABC-REG.COM" - Can help you with the basics for you to go on building!.

*Website updates after the first free year are priced as [10 mins job = £5.00 per section, 60 mins job = £18.00 per section]. Most updates are done in seconds but if you need any substantial work done "Contact us" we maybe able to bulk the time in one cost for you.

To get things going we need from you

Name of proposed Website or business name

A little about yourself!, What you do!, Who your are!, Doesn't need to be in great detail to start with!.

Pictures if you have any!.

Products if you sell any, Or services that you do!.

Contact details!, How you want your customers to contact you!, Any e-mail address or telephone numbers to be used.

Is your business just Local or National or Worldwide!.

Any colours schemes preferred.

Any Logos that you may have used in the past.

Website options or just to keep it simple. (We like simple).

Keep it simple! Things can always be added on at another time. The price starts at the basics if you want a Domain Name registered and Hosting package!, this is where the first stage options start from, But that is really all you need for a basic Website. If you are thinking "BIG TIME" go with the larger Website options we have available.